Craig Watson: After Calculus


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“Surfaces pass through surfaces” in this short poetic sequence in which we witness a silence gradually gaining on the words which, although eventually eroded, becomes more powerful for it.

Craig Watson lives in Rhode Island. He has managed theater companies and worked for computer firms.

“Watson’s book moves in stuttering rhythms, broken syntax and logic. Still, the clustered phrases propel us forward because they are, we discover, purposeful and replete. The propelling energy comes partly from the use of short imperatives, from the subtle music, from the mystery, and from the discovered urgency of what the book is expressing. (a grim wonder, and longing for definition of the absent or bleached-out self) Watson reminds us of Beckett in his landscape of language that is both ‘the loss’ and ‘the icon of loss.’ A book of intelligence and heart.”

–Frank Stewart, American Book Review

“A most intense distillation–life stolen from, or played against, a silence that envelopes even our shadows. An extraordinary intensity of PAUSE as cuttin, left as the half-twin of a fleeting contour. The writing removes the despair as if broke loose from ‘the icon of loss.”‘

–Charles Bernstein