Damon Krukowski: 5000 Musical Terms


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The 5000 words in this collection include found texts, not so much for the effect of collage as because, the author says with tongue firmly planted in cheek, “statements, when repeated, gain a measure of truth. They are after all someone’s truth, even if not one’s own. And this artifice–of repetition or copying–holds more interest for me than copying out my own thoughts.”

Somebody else might say, the poems probe, playfully, the concepts of tradition and learning, as well as our place in the late phase of a culture.

Damon Krukowski is editor/publisher of Exact Change, a press specializing in reprints of Surrealist and other Modernist texts. He has recorded with the rock bands Galaxie 500 and Magic Hour and lives in Cambridge, MA.

“Damon Krukowski weaves found text into masterful textures. Poems that read like the entries of an encyclopedia questioning itself. Although sometimes ironic the overriding quality of is an archaic tongue, an archaism that sounds fresh.”

–Marc Lowenthal, The Boston Book Review