Elizabeth Robinson: Under That Silky Roof


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The poems of this new collection are concerned with the interplay of domestic life — its companionship, its fecundity, its losses — and manifestations of the abstract or, as she has put it, with “the brick floor from which the/kingdom of God extends/or could extend.”

Elizabeth Robinson grew up in Los Alamitos, Califormia. Her most recent books are Apostrophe (Apogee, 2006), Apprehend (Apogee /Fence/Saturnalia, 2003), Pure Descent (winner of the 2001 National Poetry Series; Sun & Moon, 2003), Harrow (Omnidawn, 2001), and House Made of Silver (Kelsey St. Press, 2000).

“Robinson has reinvented the ‘uses of enchantment’—Ann Lauterbach on Apprehend.

“a poetry of desire in the most complex sense”—Paul Hoover

“What stays a marvel in this impeccable poet’s writing is her determination to bridge between
the physically given world and that other we gloss with words, yet apprehend insistently as the defining presence of our lives themselves.”—Robert Creeley

“Ashbery’s pronouns raise more questions than they answer, and Robinson’s God works a similar trope… that interplay with manifestations of the abstract is what her poems address, expose, and refuse to back away from.” —Beth Anderson