Gail Sher: Broke Aid


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A prose piece in two parts by the author of From another point of view the woman seems to be resting (Trike Press, 1981). Though the second part is not, like the first, in retablo form the lack of location and the sense of collapsed time eventually dissolve within the fabric of its increased pressurized language.

“a surface tension that sparks, making this brocade of broken lives much more complex than the sentence structure alone.”

–Bret Lott, Columbus Dispatch

“It is tempting to describe this text as an exploration of what Lukacs called the reifying consciousness of modern individuals, but such causal inferences based on history and society are kept at a distance by these silent word pictures…. There is little analysis and no explanations … impressively original.”

–Peter Middleton, Reality Studios

“Sher uses the asides of parenthetical comment as shadow and echo, adding an underscoring of urgency to the poem’s low-key surface.”

–Kathleen Fraser, Poetics Journal

“A poetry of indeterminacy in which time and location are uncertain, in which the subject, if it exists at all, exists infinitely … a thinking about thought … as elusive as the site of an atom.”

–Beverly Dahlen