Jessica Lowenthal: as if in turning


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Emitting short, probing clicks, the cave swiftlet finds its way through dark corridors. The bird adjusts its position according to the modified echoes–deflections–it hears. The poems apply the idea of deflected vocalization to Biblical text, to Euclidean geometry, to the language of definition. As if in turning, words re-sound as warped echoes of their sources. Transforms appear in the interval.

Jessica Lowenthal was born in 1972 in Arizona. She is co-founder/ editor of the magazine Black Bread. Her work has begun to appear in magazines like Apex of the M, The Impercipient, Mongrel Nation, Talisman. This is her first book.

“These poems are wholes, as is this book. It will wholly delight you.”

–Charles Alexander, Rain Taxi