Julie Kalendek: The Fundamental Difference


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Each poem in The Fundamental Difference is the visible light surrounding an event too close and too intense to be seen in itself.

I am interested in the three positions your body could make.

The fundamental. difference is now thought to be carnal and resistance is a question of alignment.

(Saints drag themselves through fire not for the I lkes of men.)

Julie Kalendek was born in Baltimore, Maryland, where she is working in a tree nursery. The Fundamental Difference is her first book except for a translation of Jean Daive’s A Lesson in Music.

“The fundamental difference between her and her is the depth and width of what she heard against nothing she could measure on Time’s basis (to count all of you, also, among it). It could be a story to unearth and bless sounds of what she fancied was growing then.. And to make rules.”

–“Using Poetry,” o-blek # 12, Writing from the New Coast