James Camp: Carnal Refereshment


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“Camp is a master of turning the clloquial idiom into whimsical sardonic humor.”

-Library Journal

“Camp comes off as a kind of modem day, tongue-in-cheeck Shakespeare. And that, though hardly carnal, is refreshing.”

-Raymond DiZazzo, Margins

“Carnal is a very strong very beautiful book”

-William Bronk

“Coldly gorgeous”

-Michael Benedikt

“He really knows how to make his experience turn, sadly and wittily at once, into poems. Lord, I’m sounding like a blurb writer! But it’s a good book, one to be proud of.”

-John Frederick Nims

“…the deapan way ‘The Beast in the Jungle” is done makes me yell out with laughter … & the implications of the poem are merciless, deadly, mordant. I’m filled with admiration.”

-Charles Causley

“Camp’s first full-length solo collection is a welcome and well-made addition to Burning Deck’s amazing list. The poems and songs are lively and very often funny, but not always as light as might appear on the surface… There is an obvious command of the traditions he employs, allowing him to turn lament into satire.”

–Bruce McPherson, Pacific Sun