Kristin P. Bradshaw: Apologies


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Apologies. For a new religion? a social-political discourse? a queer’s life? all these plus a reflection on fragmentation and the tension between immediacy and emergent understanding. the frame is the author’s “own far country,’ a quasi historical dreamlandscape in motion from the ‘west’ of antiquity toward the ‘west’ of the U.S.”

The sequence works in “exploded” free verse, with ruminations, erasures, and fragments. It is constructed around gaps–like Pinter’s long pauses, Jabes’s white spaces–represented by the missing numbers in the sequence.

Gaps and fragments: to express the feeling of limitation, isolation…but also the endless possibilites of a “self” in time, in language, in the world.

Kristin P. Bradshaw is a language artist who also works with collage, photography and soundscapes. her poems have appeared in magazines like the New Orleans Review, New American Poetry, Chase Park, and No: a Journal of the Arts. her letterpress chapbook and audio Cd, The Difficult Nature of Contemplation, is forthcoming from tiger Food Press/Percival house. she holds an MFA from Brown University, an Ma in religion from Yale divinity school, and now teaches in the writing Program of Pacific northwest College of art in Portland, Oregon.
Apologies is her first book.