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While questioning the possibility of communication (“Who’s able to decipher the thoughts that link two separate creatures?”) Borel forces “other people’s sentences” into a dialogue with each other and with her, the spirit of irony ruling the space between. Simple sentences, everybody’s sentences form something like Everybody’s Autobiography: “A simple man, he loves the lake, money also somewhat…”

Marie Borel lives in Paris. Beside Fin de citation (Marseille: cipM/Spectres Familiers, 1996), her books include La lettre d’un oeil étranger, Le léopard est mort avec ses taches, and Trompe Loup is forthcoming from bleu du ciel. She has published in magazines like L’implano, Zuk, La Revue Générale and, in English translation, The Germ. She has translated into French works by Tom Raworth, Lyn Hejinian, Rosmarie Waldrop—and two books of the Bible.

“The fragmented thoughts of Marie Borel slip into the space between questioning and not-questioning existence, a space given in the dedication: “for you to whom to be is not a question and not to be no answer.” The author works at translating the movement of thought when it wanders without aim, almost in the manner of absence.”
—Marie-Laure Picot, La Matricule des Anges

Keith Waldrop’s recent books include The House Seen from Nowhere (Litmus Press), Haunt (Instance Press), the trilogy:The Locality Principle, The Silhouette of the Bridge (America Award, 1997) and Semiramis, I Remember (Avec Books). He has translated Anne-Marie Albiach, Claude Royet-Journoud, Paol Keineg, Dominique Fourcade, Pascal Quignard, and Jean Grosjean.